Poirot S01E02: Murder in the Mews

A mysterious death on Bonfire Night? Poirot investigates.

PoirPeg 2.

Thanks to our friend Marty for providing the voice-overs for our show segments. A few francs for a tisane are always gratefully received, just see Poirot there…


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  1. Errata
    We mention that Poirot’s flat at Whitehaven Mansions is on the second floor. It is noted in David Suchet’s memoir, ‘Poirot and Me’, that Hercule lives on the fifth floor in apartment 56B.

      • Of course! Can’t wait until the next episode. My wife and I are watching the whole series once more.

        I must ask, where did you procure that Poirot figurine displayed on this website?

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